When you’ve been planning and buying media as long as Power Media has, you get to know how many businesses operate. Chances are if you name an industry, we’ve worked with a client in it. Below are some of the industries and business categories that Power Media has planned and purchased advertising for.

Patient Recruitment, Hospitals, Specialty Medical Practices, Pharmaceutical, Dental, Urgent Care, Medical Studies, Medical Direct Response, Medical Supplies, Device Manufacturers, Consumer Products, Nutraceuticals, Insurance Providers, Assisted Living

Banks, Credit Unions, Investment Firms, Business Capital Lenders, Investment Firms, Accountants

Retail, Travel and Leisure, Packaged Goods/Food, Automotive, Education, Home Security, Electronics, Insurance, Ski Resorts, Healthcare Products, Nutraceuticals, Home Improvement

Television and Radio Stations, Directory Publishers, Theater Productions, Concerts

Directory Publishers, Business Capital Lenders, Corporate Wellness, Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Firms